Police VS Voleur

Banner of Police VS Voleur

Role : Game / Level Designer

Duration : 2 weeks

Team : 1

Prototype inspired by the game "Police vs Thief: Violent chasing", Realised in 2 weeks, alone.
It's a game for two players, a policeman-car and a thief-car.The Polioceman must catch the thief and the thief dodge until the game's end.It's a car chase where self-bonuses and penalies to adversary can be poked on the road.The map is a big Labyrinth with many choice.

My Work :

  • gameplay
  • level design
  • Game Balancing
  • playtest
  • programming
  • Modularity
visual of Police VS Voleur
visual of Police VS Voleur
visual of Police VS Voleur


I've worked on this personal project during my free time, in inspirate to original game. I learn to organize my works, according to my scolar works and personal obligation