Arma 3 Opération Caïman

Banner of Arma 3 Opération Caïman

Role : Quest Designer

Duration : 6 weeks

Team : 4

Group project realised in 6 weeks.
The starting Mission introduces the military campagn and leads to 3 other missions. In a state under military control, the resistance set up. Players are playing rebels which must exfiltrate a man from the city. I've also had to set up the following mission context. The campaign is located on The Tanoa island, more suitable for a guerrilla situation.

This mission is setting the ambiance, and hightlight roleplay

My Work :

  • Campaign scenario and background
  • Character Profiling
  • The mission "extraction" scenario
  • The mission Design Document
  • Programming On Arma3 editor
visual of Arma 3 Opération Caïman
visual of Arma 3 Opération Caïman
visual of Arma 3 Opération Caïman


With the mission design I particpated to many gamejam, I had to organize my work for not making my colleagues late. The knowledge of role playing game allows me to quickly create more realistic characters.Discovering Arma 3 editor made me change my mission design conception.