Banner of Absensium

Role : Game / Level / Quest Designer

Duration : 6 weeks

Team : 7

Yann, a traveller, goes to his grandmother Lucy's House. Lucy is living in a hut inside the magic wood. When night comes, the forest becomes dangerous. Yann is trapped and her grandmother is not here...

It's a 2 players escape game, one with VR headset, the other in the real life. They must communicate to solve puzzles.

My Work :

  • Level Design
  • Game Design
  • Script / BackGround
visual of Absensium
visual of Absensium
visual of Absensium


The purpose this VR Project was to force communication between VR and IRL Players. The players help each other because they have access to different data.
The creative team encountered many difficulties during the development, mainly due to discord and lack of communication, which lead to failure to comply the deadlines. It was the first project I had to focus on solving human problems to be finish the game.